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I am a woman who has worn many hats. I was born in Denver, Colorado in a hospital that is now an apartment complex. I was baptized in a church that has since been leveled. I attended as many schools as there are years in a school career. I have lived in over a dozen states, traveled through more than triple that amount as well as through Europe. Needless to say I am adventurous and adaptable!

I have been performing, broadcasting, writing, and reaching out to people almost since birth. As a child I performed at comedy clubs with Kidskits, I graduated from the acclaimed Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, as well as The Colorado Media School. I have explored the world producing theater. I managed to keep my loves close by working in music stores, libraries, writing for magazines and maintaining an on-line 'zine/website/presence no matter where my travels have taken me.

Moving forward, and shifting gears professionally, I am focusing on broadcasting and voice work. Recently, I helped Learning Ally (formerly Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic) as a reader and an audio editor. I have written, voiced and produced commercials. I have voiced and produced corporate narration. I worked for BusinessRadio1060 as the network's marketing and production services liason, where I built and maintained their websites, handled all social media, and assisted with all aspects of production. I am a voice coach, and most recently taught a voice over workshop for the talented kids at Marbles, Inc.

Currently, I am proprietor and general manager for Network Listen, an online literary formatted radio podcast station. We provide programming and hope to read on demand for the dyslexic, blind, and mobility impaired during the day. I narrate the read along programs and I host two radio shows: Be(h)n's Book and Women A'Loud!, both of which had formally been broadcast across StudioO, GoMileHigh, and Today's Woman Network. In addition to overseeing the on-air programming for Network Listen, I also serve as the head of production for audio books, commercial production, trailer production, audio editing, and video editing.

I am excited that Network Listen is up and thriving in its new headquarters. I would love to do more voice work. Audio Books- production and narration- is my main focus right now, as it is exciting moving my work in this area from a nonprofit clientele into a public arena, where it is being received well and I could not be more pleased. I am hoping to continue my work in this field in all aspects and to help others through education and mentoring.