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cassette-624590_1920 An Aircheck of an On Air Demo for a smattering of shows I hosted, cohosted, and produced:
openbooktitle I get to be a live reader on Open Book!

book-863418_1280 As a narrator and occasional co-host, Fairy Tales Today is a ride into emotional symbolism I enjoy every time.
theater-105573_1920 Shawn Marie's Porno~My Naked Journey has been a wild ride of a one woman show. It is not porn, though people believing it is has kept me from radio jobs despite radio being the big tease! It is a play on words and a show about the compassionate truths I have embraced throughout my journey.
WomenAloudSquare Once a radio show, now a podcast, Women A'Loud! is a shows whose platform I was born to host!
BehnsBookSquare Leading the book discussions on Be(h)n's Book, spotlighting women within the written word, makes my heart swell.