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Testimonials & Reviews


A few more have been added, the webpage audio will be updated soon...



"Narrator Shawn Marie Bryan really had you pulled into the characters." SairaM Audible Review for Three Seconds Audio Book.

"The reader’s emotions, tempo, enthusiasm and vocal quality was great for this story. Love the various sound effects too, great job. The narrator knows how to put emotion into place. I have listened to this narrator in the past and she does a great job." Malrrr Audible Review for Under a Falling Star Audio Book.

"I love the story and the narrator though a bit breathy was great in distinction." Scheliece Sankey Audible Review for Under a Falling Star Audio Book.

"Engaging read from a great narrator! The narrator of this work exceeds those expectations. Her performance is engaging, her diction clear, and her voice a delight to listen to -- like she is reading this to me in front of a cozy fire." Pinteroo Audible Review for Innocent Hearts Audio Book.

"The narration on the audio book was good. I enjoyed the tone and temperament of the reading. It pulled you into the story and kept you entertained the entire time. This is a special story and the audio book does it justice. It is a wonderful book to listen to and well worth the purchase. I believe it will become one of those staples in your collection that you will listen to every now and again." Sheena, The Lesbian Review of Innocent Hearts Audio Book.


"I need to tell Shawn Marie how much I like that trailer. I really do like it. I think it's so fun and cute. Thank you!" Kate McLachlan, Author Alias Mrs.Jones.

"Incidentally, I enjoyed your latest book promo." Gary Gould, Musician. 

"Awesome to see an audiobook from Jae and Ylva Publishing. Shawn Marie Bryan also narrated Radclyffe's Innocent Hearts. Loved that one so I'm sure I will like this one as well. Thanks Shawn. 😉 I hope this is the first of many more to come." Gerd Van Loock, Audio Books Group

"Couldn't stop listening!" Heather Jane, Audible Member reviewing Ten Little Lesbians Audio Book.

"Forever Faithful, read by the wonderful, Shawn Marie!" Isabella, publisher and author of Forever Faithful Audio Book

"We are ready to go ahead and upload this audiobook. It sounds great!" Radclyffe, Bold Strokes Books

"Excellent job throughout!" Bob Janowski, Learning Ally

"These Promos are better than anything we currently have on the air. Thank you." 
Dennis Hanson, General Manager- BloombergRadio1060/ESPN1580/The Storm 102.3

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