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Web Page Audio

In this ever growing world of technology, it is important that no one be left out or behind. Web Page Audio is a tool to ensure those who may have mobility issues, be blind or dyslexic can still experience websites and not miss anything they have to offer. This website has audio on every page, for in addition to the samples of audio work, there is an embedded player stocked with Web Page Audio. Much like narration for curriculum, Web Page Audio, which may have many different names, this is simply what I have decided to call it as a product I offer, not only reads the web page, it also describes the web page for immersion and navigation. You may hear this service from the top of the content box on every page of this website, additionally I have provided a few of the pages Web Page Audio below. Contact me for rates, that I believe you will find exceptionally reasonable with a rapid turn around. The rates for non profits and those in need of this service are realistically reduced.



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